3 Budget Friendly Trips for Small Business Travel

It can be very difficult for an Australian small business that is trying to grow to afford travel expenses, yet in some cases travel is inevitable to achieve that growth. Working travel into your business budget can be a real conundrum for the small business owner.

Being savvy about business travel can save you a lot of money and make it much easier to allow for in your budget. Here are three budget-friendly tips to help reduce the costs for small business travel:

Air Travel Tips

As much as 25% can be saved on air travel if you can book flights for Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Less people travel mid-week, so airlines reduce their fares over weekend flights. If you can allow for flexibility in your travel schedule, you can also call the airline very early on the morning of departure and ask if they have any seat sales. If they have a flight going to your destination that has been undersold, they will often significantly reduce the price of the available seats to cover the cost of the flight. Another little known tip is even if you have purchased an economy ticket, if there are seats available in the business class, you can often be upgraded free of charge. Ask before departure.

Public Transportation

Whenever possible consider the use of public transportation over car rentals. Car rentals involve not just the rental fee, the fuel and insurance costs but also parking fees. Using public transportation or even walking when possible can save hundreds of dollars in a single trip. Many hotels offer shuttle services to common destinations in larger cities, which would bring you right to the business district with no extra fees.

Accommodation and Meals

This is the area where careful planning can save you the most for your business travel. Take some time to research hotels in the area of your business travel. Many hotels offer free breakfasts or meal plans during your stay, which may sound like you are getting a bargain, but the price can build up around those offerings. A less-known hotel may be a third of the cost over a larger chain yet offer accommodation that is sometimes more pleasant.

Check to see if you can get a kitchenette if you will be staying for several days. Preparing your own food is not only healthier for you, it is by far the cheapest choice. If a kitchenette is not available, many rooms have a coffee maker and microwave which can still reduce your costs significantly. Make use of the prepared foods counters in area grocery stores when possible since these meals are often much cheaper and better for you than fast food or cafe options on the road.

Boost Your Business without Boosting Your Budget

As you can see from these tips, there are many ways to significantly reduce your costs while travelling for business. The growth of your small business does not need to suffer from a lack of travel ability if you take some time to plan carefully and avail yourself of the many options to keep your costs down.

Elizabeth Bailey is a business travel consultant. She enjoys sharing her expertise and travel advice on business travel blogs. For more business car rental solutions and ideas, visit the link.

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