4 Emerging Small Business Ideas

small business ideas

With unemployment at nearly unheard of levels, job security a thing of the past and an economy struggling to recover many people are looking to become their own bosses. However, starting your own business can be a daunting project that may seem more like a pipe dream than an attainable goal. Where are you going to get start up funding? Who makes up your customer base and how do you reach them? And maybe the most important question is what skills do you have that people would actually want to pay money for? Well, calm down and read on. What will follow are 4 emerging small business ideas that are based around skills you may already have, are always in demand, and you won’t have to mortgage your home to get started.

Become a consultant

Before you started looking into self-employment, were you already familiar with a specific area of the business sector? Business consulting is a much sought after service since companies only have to hire for the exact time needed, and don’t have to pay them the benefits they would have to give to employees. As long as you retained your prior expertise, there is someone who wants to hire you in this capacity.

Get physical

Maybe you don’t have the expertise required for consultancy. Do you have a strong back? There are many businesses where all you need to be successful is a willingness to work hard.  Take rubbish removal which is one of the fastest growing franchise sectors. It does take some equipment and some sort of transport vehicle, but if you’ve got a good truck, you’re half-way there. It is hard work, and many people would rather not do it, but for that reason, there’s always work to be found, and it pays well. You can take on additional labor on a job-by-job basis, build relationships with local contractors or real estate developers, and even expand into other fields once your name is known. Just be sure to check into health and safety laws in your area.

Start a party

Are you more of a social butterfly? Party planning can be a lucrative home-based business that requires no training outside of your own party experience.  However, it takes a lot of networking and the ability to sell yourself.  Our advice is to start small and build your name. Each party you throw opens you up to a new potential client base. Your hours are your own to make, and you get to do what you love. It takes creativity, a love of entertaining, and organization skills. Once established with a good reputation, party planning has the possibility of being very profitable.

Freelance writing

A final low cost small business opportunity lies right at your fingertips. Freelance writing has always been around, but with the decline of printed media, it has become more and more needed. All you need to start is a computer and internet connection. There are people looking for writers in every imaginable category. You get to work when and where you want; although, maintaining some kind of schedule is ideal to ensure you are taking as many jobs as you can handle until your reputation and noted skill allows you to be choosier with the work you accept.

Do you have a small business idea that you would like our readers opinion on?  Send it to us and we will publish it on the email: contactus@company.com.au


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