Create Powerful Facebook Fan Pages To Add Value To Your Business

What do some of the world’s best Facebook fan pages tell us? If anything, they show that unique content and original ideas are more and more important. With the web positively teaming with social media campaigns and good content, standing out from the crowd is becoming more and more difficult.

What do Facebook pages achieve?

Some of the best-functioning fan pages on Facebook are truly original and not comparable to any other social media page. The same rule applies to online businesses, as high street stores. No two shops that are totally alike and right next to each other, can constantly both do well. Usually, one will end up getting more clients than the other.

Facebook provides a unique setting

Facebook has now allowed companies to develop pages that truly stand out. These pages could almost be compared to micro-blogging sites. They allow businesses to develop fun and highly personalised content that enhances their brand and gives something very individual to the client.


There are already several companies that are offering beautiful designs for company fan pages. Compared to the cost of designing and tweaking a whole website, Facebook pages really require minimal design past the header and regularly posted photographs, media or small graphic elements. You can make these as simple or complex as you want to, and you can also add things like infographics, videos or other things on your wall, to make the experience more interesting for the audience.

Be the best

Some of the best Facebook Pages have over one million likes. Do you remember Facebook when it first came out? If you joined it back then, you may remember the very basic design and structure of the pages back then. Nobody probably envisaged the tremendous success and usability of this platform, or its pioneering role in the area of social media. Now, due to Facebook’s incredible growth, its directors and employees compete in a tough market and are constantly having to keep up with the latest advances in the field.

Facebook style is essential

Despite the existence of other social media, not many businesses can stay away from Facebook. This is where many audience members are found. Having a business Facebook page means that you must have a great design, tailor-made to suit your business image.

Analysing your reach

Compared to a normal website, using a Facebook Fan Page also allows you to access important analytic data that can help you focus your marketing campaigns without worrying too much about search engine optimization. Google’s algorithms and Google Analytics are not for everybody. Facebook shows you data about your site traffic, virality and how many people are discussing your page or your threads, in an easy-to-view format.

Go crazy

Some of the world’s best-known artists, singers or rock bands are known for their very individual clothing and hair styles. There is nothing stopping you from being the Madonna or Mick Jagger of Facebook. Obviously, a rock star look might not be the way to go for a law firm or an accountancy consultant! So always style your page to suit your profession, industry or client base.

Be novel

With so much content on the web and with so many tried and tested tricks quickly becoming boring, you have to constantly innovate online. Your audience will be expecting to be awed and entertained when they visit your page, or find useful, inspiring, amusing or emotive content. Unique content is difficult to think of, but by doing your research and testing the reactions to your new page, you will soon find out what appeals to your visitor base.

Encourage sharing

You’ll want to encourage sharing, so make sure that you prompt people to do this when you post a status, a link or a media file. If you can get an article to go viral, then you will have achieved something useful by getting your brand out there.

What are your peers up to?

You should also be aware of your competition! When you start researching in order to create a style for your page, have a look at what other companies in your field are doing. How have they set up their header? What kind of information do they have on their pages? What do they prompt people to do on their status posts?

Be clear about your goals

Finally, make sure that your Facebook page and any campaign you run on it have a purpose. The only way to build a happening online community of faithful ‘Likes’ is to stay focused on your message. This way, your audience will always be satisfied, because they will get the content that they signed up for.

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Entrepreneur and enabler, Tuhin Ghosh has been pursuing his dream of enabling business and catalyzing growth mainly in the education industry. He is the Co -Founder of Prepgenie, a test prep provider that offers exam preparation courses for GAMSAT, PCAT, HPAT, UMAT and UKCAT to aspiring medical students globally.




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