How to conquer the fear of delivering a speech

I was once terrified of being on stage, especially when having to speak in front of a large group of people. I made a firm decision to conquer this irrational fear. To do this, I have drawn inspiring thoughts from an engaging speaker, so I could use them to drive me to pick up a few things to boost my confidence. As soon as I was confident enough, I gradually learned to deliver great speeches, one after the other. If you are having the same problems I once had, let me share the things I’ve picked up along the way.

It is important to speak from the heart. This is one of the inspiring thoughts from an engaging speaker made me turn things around. You must believe in what you have to say, or just don’t say it if it’s not the case. If you’re passionate about whatever you want to discuss, the words will come out naturally. Talk about the fundamental principles you believe about life, the simple truths that you live by with all your heart.

In delivering a great speech, it is important to make sure that the audience needs to hear what you have to say. Write everything down so you could be familiar with it. It makes it easier to connect to the people that are there to listen. Once you get the ball rolling, make sure to embellish comments that you feel are well received.

Make sure to share your personal stories with the audience. People will easily remember and learn from your vulnerability and mishaps, making it relatable to their own experiences. Our thoughts are delineated visually, so the audience needs to see what they hear. You don’t have to be witty to do this; just share your life with them. Keep in mind that you are looking for their trust and trying to help them, so just consider as your friends and inject humor whenever you can.

In closing your speech, make sure to develop an action plan. What do you want them to do after they hear your speech? Try scanning the room and ask a few to share one nugget they got. Ask for one idea that they can use immediately after hearing your speech and try to find out how it would make an impact after a week and after a few months. Be sure to summarize your speech and than give them a call to action.

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