Which magazine should a small business advertise in?

Small Business MagazinesThere are many choices available to small business and companies in Australia when selecting the best magazine to advertise your product or service within.

The first step is identifying your target audience. Once you have clearly identified who your small business or company wants to reach you should contact the various publishers to find out what’s on offer. There are three key players in the Australian market, ACP Magazines, Pacific Publications and News Magazines.

Don’t be shy to pick up the phone and speak to the various advertising representatives. While they are trying to sell you their product they will be able to tell you all about their publication, the various sizes available DPS (double page spread) FPC (full page colour) HPV (half page vertical), directories/classified spaces, rates, positioning guarantees, possible editorial mentions and production requirements.

As there will often be more than one title that reaches your target audience evaluate the whole package on offer.  Don’t be sold on a magazine that doesn’t truly speak to your company’s audience. Cheaper rates may be attractive but it could be wasted dollars if the people seeing your ad are not your target audience.

All the major publishers have strong research departments that will be able to offer in-depth research about your target audience against the magazine audiences.  This will help when evaluating the magazine to advertise within.

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